Apple iPhone 13 rumors and expectations

iPhone 12 has just been released with all its extraordinary specs and features. However, many of us can’t help but wonder what Apple is going to do next!

Well, there is no doubt about the high quality of Apple’s products, but after reviewing iPhone 12, there seems to be a place of improvement for the display. After all, there is a place for improvement for everything, isn’t there?

Rumor has it that Apple may want to use LPTO technology in its 13 series OLED panel. LPTO stands for low-temperature polycrystalline oxide, which is a big help when it comes to higher refresh rates. It could deliver a high-quality 120Hz ProMotion display without having to sacrifice a lot of battery life. It means not only you get a better display, but also your battery endurance will be higher. What could be better than this?

Another upgrade would probably be enhancing the 5G experience as the iPhone 12 series coverage is limited outside the United States. Apple has stated that the new series will have a wider international 5G coverage and supports 5G Dual-SIM slot.

Series after series, we have seen that Apple improves its storage capacity, and Apple 13 probably will not be an exception.

Also, according to respected sources, Apple will finally make the change we have all been waiting for: A smaller notch on the display! Now, whether it be shallower or shorter, we have to wait and see what the new screen is going to look like!

Something that has been missing in iPhone devices since iPhone 8 series (except for SE 2020) is the beloved Touch ID, which is another possible feature to come back to iPhone 13. Many people would like to have the option of both Face Unlock and Fingerprint Scanner for a more secure experience. So, the return of Touch ID would make a lot of people happy.

As for the design, the iPhone 12 has been released with a new flat design. So, it is unlikely for Apple to change the design after just one year. By reviewing Apple’s pattern, the design change happens every two years.

The camera system on iPhone 12 introduced the exciting Lidar technology, which will possibly be enhanced in Apple 13. Lidar technology is a life-changing feature that delivers faster autofocus in low light and can create a depth map of everywhere. This feature is super helpful with AR apps and capturing images and videos in low-light conditions. It can even help with your online shopping to see how a shoe fits your feet or a how a sofa fits in your house.

We can also expect better zooming options or sensors on the camera setup as improving the pixels doesn’t seem to happen when not neccssary.

All and all, the only thing that we can be sure about is that iPhone 13 will come with upgrades, but it is only time that can confirm what these upgrades actually are going to be!