How important is megapixels in choosing a camera?

When buying a smartphone one of the first things which attract our attention is the number beside MP on the rear side of it. Many people think that the more this number be the better the quality of its photos will be. But the fact is that many times it is just advertising. Higher numbers don't necessarily mean better photos. It is just one of many parameters in  the quality of a camera.

By reading the following content you will be familiar with what megapixels actually mean how important they are and furthermore what are the other important parameters which aren't usually mentioned but you should consider when buying a phone with better photo-taking capabilities.

The meaning and importance of Megapixel

Megapixels number means how many million pixels do exist in a photo taken by the camera. Each pixel is a tiny dot with a certain color. Megapixels is a unit for measuring resolution. Each digital photo is made up of millions of tiny pixels that our eyes can't see. They are scattered in a regular rectangular pattern, that's why the resolution is expressed in a pair of numbers, for example 1000 x 1000 resolution is 1 megapixel and means a square which each of its sides has 1000 pixels.

An image with more megapixels would be larger and could be seen on larger screens without difficulty. So it only means more quantity and not necessarily more quality. It means larger photos not nicer ones.

Today there are smartphones with 108 MP cameras. They can record videos in 4K. 4K means the image is a rectangle with a horizontal side of 4000 pixels.

Ensure that there is a sensor of in any event 13 Megapixel (on account of multi-cameras, the central sensor is adequate), to have the option to make photographs sufficiently huge to print even on banners or on announcements.

Other Parameters:

There are other parameters to be taken into consideration when buying a camera: Color Accuracy, low light performance, lens quality, sensor size, and number of cameras.

1.      The number of cameras: 

More important than the number of megapixels is the number of cameras. There are multiple cameras at the rear side of the phone flagships today. They are intended to take images with different colors and levels of saturation. These images are taken simultaneously and then processed into one high-quality image by artificial intelligence.

We should ensure that our chosen phone has at least 3 back cameras so we can take great quality photos without being confused in the configurations.

2.      Sensor type:

The sensor is the most effective in making a photo wonderful or awful. Ensure that CMOS sensors are the technology present in all cameras on the rear of the gadget.

3.      Lens Protection:

The defensive glass of lenses helps a great deal in the catch of light and the degree of the delicacy of the photograph. You should avoid plastic protections, which twist the picture and make it unrealistic.

4.      Management Software:

Utilizing a decent photograph application may turn average shots into spectacular ones. Normally, the application given by the phone producer is superb for all reasons. 


We have demonstrated to you how important Megapixels are for cameras: they are a helpful yet not basic boundary for picking a cell phone. Perhaps the most important one is the number of cameras at the back of the phone to capture all aspects of the view.