iOS 14 extends the battery lifespan of the AirPod

Since the introduction of iOS 14, this new version has been investigated by many experts and some of its unknown new features have been explored. In addition to the quick connection capability of Airpod to the different gadgets, iOS 14 offers a feature called "Optimized Battery Charging" for the AirPod that increase the battery lifespan. 

Last year, the optimized battery charging was introduced for iPhones and iPads. Using the machine learning algorithms, this feature can learn the way you use the gadgets and optimize charging, thereby reducing the pressure on the battery. 

For example, if you plug your iPhone into the charger overnight, this feature reduces its charging by 80% and then, just before you wake up, it increases it to 100%.

This is considered a very useful feature that has been widely welcomed, however, it is also beneficial for Aipods. It is noteworthy that most smartphones use batteries that work for a long period of time with no problems. Moreover, smart software can significantly increase the lifespan of these batteries, but it is a little different for Airpods.

A number of studies show that the battery lifespan of different AirPod versions is between 18 and 36 months. In addition, the battery of these AirPods cannot be replaced, and therefore, depending on the product warranty, people must pay a fee to replace the AirPod or buy a new AirPod. 

Therefore, offering a feature for increasing the AirPod battery lifespan in in iOS 14 is considered a very important feature that can double the battery lifespan of millions of AirPods in the world.

Source: The Verge