Here is the quick data from the latest Apple mobile device, iPhone 12 which was released in October 2020.

Right now, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max are in pre-order and it will be available on 11.13.

iPhone 12 is 11% thinner, 15% smaller, 16% lighter. iPhone 12 has been released in 4 amazing models: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The smallest is iPhone 12 mini with 5.4” with super retina XDR display, which is the world’s smallest, thinnest, lightest 5G phone and the largest one is iPhone 12 Pro Max with 6.7” Super Retina XDR display. Wit OLED there is Vastly more contrast. Incredible color accuracy. A huge jump in pixel density. OLED delivers brighter brights, darker blacks, and higher resolution for everything that you are looking at. This is the best iPhone display ever made, and it goes all the way to the edge!

5G is smarter, more energy efficient, and faster than any of its predecessors. Some experts expect it to be almost ten times faster than your current 4G network.  Read More About 5G

iPhone 12 has the looks of iPhone 4 and 5, but with Ceramic Shield front glass, Clearly tougher than any smartphone glass these days. 4 times better drop performance.  It also has Aerospace-grade aluminum edges. The finishes are speckless!  It is also splash-proof and waterproof up to 6 meters underwater for 30 min. 

All the models are using A14 bionic chip. A14 Bionic is the fastest chip in a smartphone. And it has made a lot of things that were not available till today possible. Like crunching trillions of operations on the Neural Engine. Or shooting in Dolby Vision even pro movie cameras can’t do. It’s superefficient for great battery life. And it’s ahead of its time, prepared to power pretty much anything that comes next.

Numerous advantages could be listed for removable and non-removable batteries. Some of the major points are discussed in this post.   

iPhone 12 has dual-camera system, both the wide and ultra-wide cameras have night vision, it even has night mode video.  It’s better than ever at capturing incredibly low-light shots. The new wide camera brings in 27 percent more light. So, whether you take photos by day or by moonlight, you’ll get a level of detail and color that wasn’t possible before. Night mode senses when light is low and kicks in automatically, maintaining clarity while capturing beautiful vibrant color. Deep Fusion, in mid to low light, analyzes multiple exposures to maximize detail. Smart HDR 3 balances the elements in a shot, bringing out detail in the subject and trees while retaining the rich color of the sky even at high noon. It also has the ability to record in Dolby vision. So, you can record 4K HDR video with Dolby Vision. Plus the power to edit in Photos or iMovie. Then zap it to your TV using AirPlay7 to see all that color and detail. 

iPhone 12 is turbo chargeable. iPhone 12 is Magsafe. MagSafe wallets and cardholders can be used safely with no worries. So many options to choose from.  

iPhone 12 guarantees privacy in all aspects from Face ID to credit card info and so on. iPhone is designed to protect your information. Face ID data doesn’t leave your iPhone and is never backed up to iCloud or anywhere else. iOS shows you an app’s privacy practices before you download it. When you use Apple Pay, your card number isn’t shared with merchants. And the list goes on.

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are available in Four Colors:  Pacific Blue, Gold, Silver, and Graphite

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini are available in Five Colors:  White, Black, Blue, Green and Red.

When is the release date of iPhone 12?

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro release date was 23rd  of October and iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max release will be on the 13th of November.

When will iPhone 12 come to Oman?

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are already available in Oman, and iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available soon. 

How much is iPhone 12 pro ?

iPhone 12 pro 128GB- 516 Rial

iPhone 12 pro 256 GB- 562 Rial

iPhone 12 pro 512 GB- 656 Rial

These are the official prices from

How much does iPhone 12 cost?

iPhone 12 64GB - 389 Rial

iPhone 12 128 GB- 414 Rial

iPhone 12 256 GB- 461 Rial

These are the official prices from

Can I pre-order iPhone 12 in Oman?

You can buy your iPhone 12 now with free delivery and pay by cash on delivery from!

What does iPhone 12 look like?

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro Max

How to Safely Clean Cell phone From Virus?  There are routines to avoid COVID-19 for example social distancing and washing your hands for at least 20 seconds. You should also avoid habits like touching your face with your hands. As you know by now there is no drug invented for curing this disease and the only way is to protect yourself by prevention. It is a common question is it necessary to disinfect your phone and how often and how?  

How to disinfect your phone?