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20 Dec The New MacBook Air and Pro 2020
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To buy, or not to buy the new MacBook Air and Pro 2020Recently Apple released their new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with the their new M1 chip. In the following article you would be introduced with Ma..
19 Dec the best selling games all the time
webmaster 0 3011
which games sold the most copies?While the number of sales isn't the only metric related to how good a game is, it is a good measure of how some titles had effect on people over time. In this article,..
17 Dec LiDAR technology on iPhone 12 pro
webmaster 0 11591
What is the LiDAR on iPhone 12 Pro and pro max?Do you know what is the LiDAR technology which is used in the latest apple devices like iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max? After reading this article y..
07 Dec Apple iPhone 13 rumors and expectations
webmaster 0 3833
Apple iPhone 13 rumors and expectationsiPhone 12 has just been released with all its extraordinary specs and features. However, many of us can’t help but wonder what Apple is going to do next!Well, th..
11 Nov Can you save ‘WhatsApp Status’ images without an application
webmaster 0 5106
Can you save ‘WhatsApp Status’ images without an application?WhatsApp allows people to share images and videos on status. These files are deleted after 24 hours.  Sometimes you need to save WhatsApp S..
07 Nov iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro Price in Oman
webmaster 0 5198
Here is the quick data from the latest Apple mobile device, iPhone 12 which was released in October 2020.Right now, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max are in pre-order and it will be available on 11..
28 Oct Types of Mobile Phone Batteries
webmaster 1 4067
Types of Mobile Phone Batteries Removable or non-removable mobile phone batteries have been raised as a controversial subject among different users in the last decade. Some users see removable battery..
21 Oct 11 New Features of Android 11
webmaster 0 3760
11 New Features of Android 11After months of waiting, the first build of Android 11 Beta was released a few days ago. Four developer previews were released before this version and clearly these are in..
11 Oct 14 simple tips for mobile photography
webmaster 0 8489
14 Simple but Important Tips for Better Mobile Photography You can enhance the quality of your photos if you observe some simple tips in mobile photography. Here, we aim to point out 14 very simple bu..
22 Sep Which iPhones and iPods receive iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 ?
webmaster 0 2766
Which iPhones and iPods receive iOS 14 and iPadOS 14?In this post, we introduce iOS 14 compatible iPhones and iPadOS 14 compatible iPads. Apple unveiled iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 during the keynote speech ..
16 Sep What are ROM and RAM in mobile phones
webmaster 0 3347
What are ROM and RAM in mobile phones?ROM and RAM are two important features to check out before buying a new smartphone. They determine crucial features related to phone's performance like speed and ..
08 Sep iOS 14 extends the battery lifespan of the AirPod
webmaster 0 2031
iOS 14 extends the battery lifespan of the AirPodSince the introduction of iOS 14, this new version has been investigated by many experts and some of its unknown new features have been explored. In ad..
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